Customer Feedback Surveys For Brands: Build Email Surveys with Merren

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    Organisations thrive in an ecosystem supplemented with constant feedback from their customers. We understand that trying to increase feedback rate can be a major task. So Merren is here to bridge this gap between response rates and upgrading your customer service. Using an amp-form of interactive email surveys, you can do more than just feedback collection. This encourages various industries from finance, e-commerce, automobile sectors to utilize this feature. 

    In this blog post, we will discuss the dynamic content of amp features and advantages of the amp technology with Merren.

    What is an interactive AMP email survey?

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new technology by Google that creates interactive and dynamic email content for users. Recipients can now interact within the email body and share their responses in-moment. Google launched this technology to offer a quicker loading experience for all viewers. In this ecosystem, AMP email survey creators can create surveys where respondents can offer swift replies within the email body. 

    Advantages of using Merren’s AMP email survey builder

    Static survey emails belong in the past. Using a dynamic method to keep response collection interactive, Merren offers easy to use tools for all marketers across organisations. It is time to use a faster platform for research of any size (small scale or large scale). This can help you identify trends and patterns in your data, and ultimately make more informed decisions based on the insights present in your dashboard.

    Merren’s no-code survey curator is preferred by marketers alike:

    Merren offers no code tools for marketers who would like to supercharge the customer feedback process with the latest tools. Whether you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction, brand loyalty or track customer or prospect’s feedback, Merren’s AMP email survey builder has got you covered. 

    Highly interactive and in-context for all customers:

    The thumb rule of seeking customer feedback is to never place a cognitive load on your respondents. This means probing people on past experiences. Authentic and genuine responses work best when you seek feedback right after an interaction. In-context surveys are those that are deployed when the interactions are fresh in the mind of the respondents. Due to this in-context nature of interactive AMP emails, organisations will see a high feedback rate when they deploy a dynamic survey. For best results, we recommend placing interactive surveys fresh out of an interaction.

    Customize your surveys as per feedback requirements:

    The possibilities of creating a well defined survey for your respondents are limitless. That is what this dynamic email survey is about. Provide in-context customer feedback options, place NPS (net promoter score) scales, place CSAT scores and offer places for your customers to review your product or services. All of this can be done without going being redirected into an external browser. Due to the dynamic facility of AMP, marketing departments can see a boost in the feedback rate. Use this data to enhance the feedback experience for all your customers.

    White label your dynamic surveys using custom branding templates:

    It is important to offer credibility across all your survey templates. This creates a trust factor among respondents due to the uniformity of branding. Customers would like to offer their genuine feedback if they receive emails from a trusted source. With Merren, you can apply customized branding across surveys using brand related colors, fonts, texts, curated subject line, content within the email body to name a few.

    Make your email surveys media rich with Merren’s interactive facility:

    A customer’s feedback is not merely confined to text responses. Open a new dimension of seeking feedback by placing interactive video snippets, GIFs, quizzes and feedback scores where customers can interact with these surveys. This makes it all the more interesting for recipients to offer instant feedback. The obvious result? Maximum response rate.

    Also, do not forget to include a CTA button or a call to action button that prompts respondents to reply within a survey or newsletter. By using the interactive elements offered by Merren, users can create surveys that are both visually appealing and effective at gathering important insights from their audience.

    Merren offers demo previews and a dashboard for analysis:

    Merren offers a dashboard where you can see all your active and creative marketing campaigns. You can apply filters and view all responses as per different demographics.

    All feedback collected can also be seen live as they are being answered instantly.

    While you develop your own feedback campaigns, you can demo launch and test every AMP campaign before deploying it directly for your customers. Collect every data source and view it on the dashboard. Our AMP campaigns are compatible on any email client be it the Gmail inbox, apple mail or Microsoft outlook.

    Integrate Merren with your CRM and close any feedback loop:

    Merren can help close all feedback loop. Ask how? By updating you with real time feedback from every respondent. Brands may investigate unsatisfactory comments via Merren and divert them to their CRM systems using this function. Departments will be able to better understand customer complaints and develop remedies that loop the complaint cycle if more information is gathered. This is more than just gathering feedback. This is about empowering organisations to build a customer oriented environment.

    Building dynamic email surveys using AMP facilities by Merren is the way to stay on top of your game. Gain competitive advantage, offer better customer service and curate customized communication strategy, all on one platform.


    Building dynamic email surveys using AMP facilities by Merren is the way to stay on top of your game. Gain competitive advantage, offer better customer service and curate customized communication strategy, all on one platform. Churn out fresh content, build a custom survey form and collect customer responses across platforms. You can also push the existing survey formats on other channels of Facebook messenger app, WhatsApp messenger and website chat bots. Including the interactivity for feedback forms is a great way to achieve a higher ROI for your efforts.

    If you want to learn more about influencing response rates, read more about it here: writing great survey invitation emails.

    Additionally, Merren also offers messenger based survey tools such as WhatsApp messenger surveys, Facebook messenger surveys and website chatbot surveys. You can publish custom made customer satisfaction surveys and obtain high survey response rates on the Merren CX dashboard.

    Sign up for a 14 day free trial with Merren and create your own email marketing campaigns with our pre-designed question templates. Merren needs no coding skills. Enjoy the interactivity and bring a high response rate to the dashboard with Merren. We do not need any credit card details. Just login in with your email address ID and get started today!