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Merren steps - Create Survey, Generate Link, Distribute Link, Collect Responses, Analyse Data
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Why messenger based surveys are inevitable?

Evolution in communication platforms has driven how brands sought customer feedback. As the reach of mail, telephone and internet increased, brands adopted these media to reach their customers. Messaging apps have opened a new frontier in this quest. It is therefore, inevitable that popular messaging apps would be used for survey data collection in the future.

Introducing Merren

Introducing messaging-app based survey platform

Merren uncomplicates the conversational survey process by bringing together the survey creators, panels providers, customers and the data analysis engine on a single platform.

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Leading FMCG Firm

How Merren helped a leading FMCG firm up its new product pricing

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Seniors Focused Startup

How Merren helped a seniors focused startup test its value-proposition

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