Pricing Strategy survey
for Consumer Goods industry

Understand how pricing strategy affects buyers with this survey template for the consumer goods industry.
This survey will capture pricing perception, factors influencing willingness to pay a premium, preferred price ranges, impact of discounts and higher prices and perception of current pricing compared to competitors.

Pricing Strategy Survey For Consumer Goods Industry

1. How likely are you to pay a premium price for <Your Brand> products compared to similar products from competitors? (Multiple)
○ Very likely
○ Likely
○ Neutral
○ Unlikely
○ Very unlikely

2. What factors influence your willingness to pay a higher price for <Your Brand> products? (Multiple Type)
□ Superior quality
□ Unique features or innovations
□ Exceptional customer service
□ Brand reputation and trust
□ Limited edition or exclusive products
□ None of the above

3. Which price range are you willing to pay for a premium product from <Your Brand>? (Multiple)
○ $0 – $50
○ $51 – $100
○ $101 – $200
○ $201 – $500
○ Above $500

4. What additional benefits or features would justify a higher price for <Your Brand> products? (Multiple Type)
□ Extended warranty
□ Customization options
□ Advanced technology or functionalities
□ Personalized customer service
□ Eco-friendly materials or sustainability efforts
□ Other (please specify)

5. How often do promotional discounts or offers influence your decision to purchase <Your Brand> products? (Multiple)
○ Frequently
○ Occasionally
○ Rarely
○ Never

6. What factors would make you consider <Your Brand> products if they were priced higher than competing brands? (Multiple Type)
□ Exceptional quality or performance
□ Unique design or aesthetics
□ Positive brand image or reputation
□ Exclusive or limited availability
□ Other (please specify)

7. What is your perception of <Your Brand>’s current pricing compared to its competitors? (Multiple)
○ Much more affordable
○ Somewhat more affordable
○ Similar
○ Somewhat more expensive
○ Much more expensive

8. In your opinion, what pricing strategies would encourage you to purchase <Your Brand> products more frequently? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________

9. What challenges do you face in relation to pricing when considering <Your Brand> products or services? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________

10. How much value do you perceive in <Your Brand>’s products or services compared to their price? (Multiple)
○ Excellent value for the price
○ Good value for the price
○ Average value for the price
○ Poor value for the price
○ Very poor value for the price