Create Single and Multiple Choice Questions

Single and Multiple choice questions in Merren are called nominal questions. For a nominal question with a single response, a respondent can choose only one option from the list. For a nominal question with multiple responses, they can choose more than one response, by separating them by commas.

To create a nominal question, open an unpublished survey (new or already created) and go to the Questions tab (1). Click on “Add New Element” (2) and then on “Add A New Question”

This will open a new dialog box. Click on the Question Type drop-down menu (4) and select “Nominal” (5).

Add the text to your question in the question box (6). Add the choices to the questions (7). Please note that you need at least two choices for a nominal question. To add another choice click on “+” sign (8) and enter the text for the next options. You can add as many choices as you like. However, it is a good practice to keep the number of choice as short as possible while still being mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.


By default, the nominal question accepts a single response. However, if you want to allow the selection of more than one option, you can check on the “Allow Multiple Choices” box (9). Your respondents can now choose more than one option by separating them by commas. It is a good practice to call our multi-choice question. A simple text like- “Choose as many options as you want. To choose more than one option, separate your answers by commas. For example, if you want to choose options 1 and 3, type 1,3 and send”

Click on Save to create your nominal question