Creating multilingual surveys

Multilingual surveys are a powerful way to localize a survey and increase the survey response rates and the quality of data that is collected. 

Merren makes creating multilingual surveys really easy. All you have to do is to create a survey in English and Merren would auto-translate it into the languages you choose. While the translation module does the heavy lifting of translating the survey, if you want to review and edit the translations, you can do that too. This article tells you how to create a multilingual survey.

To set up a multilingual survey, go to the Settings tab (1) and choose the languages (2) you want to run your survey in. You can choose as many languages from the menu as you like.

NOTE: In case the language you require is not in the menu, please mail us at [email protected] and if it is feasible, we will add the language to the menu.

You can now go ahead and add English versions of your questions to the survey. Once you have created the question, you can go to Edit by clicking on the three dots next to it (3)

On the dialog box that opens, go to the Translations tab (4). You should be able to see the translations for the languages you selected in the settings. You can review and edit the questions (5) and the options (6) in case the translations are not perfect. Don’t forget to save your edits.

And just like that, your multilingual survey is ready to be deployed.

When a multilingual survey is run, the respondent is asked to choose the language in which they would like to take the survey. They can choose from any language that the survey creator has activated on the settings page.