Getting Started with Merren

Welcome to Merren. You’re now ready to make your surveys easy for your customers to answer. Surveys routed through messaging apps like WhatsApp and FB Messenger get up to 10x higher and 3x faster responses! So let’s get your started.

Logging in to Merren

You can log into Merren by:

You can use your login credentials to access your dashboard

Understanding your Dashboard


Once you log in, you would land on your Merren Dashboard. The dashboard gives you a quick glimpse of all the surveys on your platform including, published, draft, and closed surveys. If you have surveys that you have created in past, you would be able to find them here. You can also search for your old surveys using the search box

Creating a Survey

To create a new survey, click on the “Create Survey” button on the top right. Merren allows you to create surveys in one of the four ways:

  • Create from scratch: Build your survey from the ground up
  • Generate Survey Using AI: Use Merren’s state-of-the-art AI survey builder to get your started
  • Clone existing survey: Want to use an existing survey on the platform as a starting point? Just clone the survey and make your edits
  • Create from templates: Use one of our expert-made survey templates to get started. You can edit the survey after importing the template

Give a name to your survey, add a category, and click on “Create a Survey”. This will get you into the Survey Schema. On the left side of the schema, you would see the survey workflow (some tabs might not be active for certain plans):