How to add Questions and Messages

The basic building blocks of a messaging app-based survey (actually, any survey) are:

  • Questions
  • Messages

In Merren, the difference between questions and messages is whether or not a response is expected for it. For a question, a response in the appropriate format (text, number, media, phone number, etc) is expected. The next question or message is not delivered unless a valid response to the question is not received. For a message, no response is expected. The next question or message is delivered automatically with a delay of about 3-5 secs (the delay nudges the receiver to read or watch the message and not ignore it).

Question Types

The following question types are available in Merren:

  • Text: Open-ended question with no choice provided to the respondent. Any response in alphanumeric format is accepted. The survey creator can put a minimum or maximum word limit for the response 
  • Numeric: Open-ended question with no choices provided, but only a numeric response is accept in this case. The survey creator can validate the response using the minimum and maximum values  
  • Nominal: Multiple choice questions that can have single or multiple responses. To know more about nominal questions, click here 
  • Scale: Set up a custom scale with endpoints and labels 
  • Ranking: Get a list of options ranked in descending order from the respondent. You can ask your respondent to rank the entire list (default) or limit it to top-x (x can be 2,3,4…) items. Ideally, limit the ranking to up to top 3-4 items to avoid making your survey too cumbersome 
  • Media: Collect responses in image, audio, voice note, video, or PDF format 
  • Date: Collect date in DD/MM/YYYY format  
  • PII Email: Collect emails the right way with consent and verification (optional) 
  • PII Mobile number: Collect mobile numbers the right way with consent. On WhatsApp, if the respondent consents, the survey creator can access their mobile numbers received as metadata. On Facebook, the survey creator can validate mobile numbers through an OTP process 

Message Types

You can add messages in the following formats:

  • Text: Add a text message to welcome your respondent, explain the question that follows or just to make your survey more conversational 
  • Media: Add an image, audio, or video file

You can add only a text or a media file in a single message. You can of course, add back-to-back message with a combination of text and media file(s) 

How to Ask a Question with a Media file?

The best way to ask a question with a media file is as follows:

  • Add a message with a question
  • Add a second message with the media file
  • Add a question which text that asks the respondent to respond. For eg. “choose from the following options” (in case of a nominal question) or “please add your response here” (in case of a text question)