How to

How to create a new survey with Merren

Merren is a messaging app-based survey platform. It allows the users to build and deploy surveys on messaging apps like WhatsApp and FB Messenger

To create a new survey:

  • Login into using your login credentials
  • Once you login, you would see your dashboard. To create a new survey, click on “Create Survey” on the top-right corner of your screen

You can create a survey in one of the three ways:

  • Create from scratch: build a new survey afresh
  • Create from templates: use one of the Merren templates to build a survey
  • Clone an existing survey: if you have an old survey that you want to update, you can clone that survey
  • If you create a new survey from scratch, you need to give a name and category for the survey. Give a name that would help you identify your survey easily in the future
  • You would now land on the settings page of the survey
  • On the settings page, you can 
    • Rename a survey
    • Change survey category
    • Add survey languages (if you do not find the language you want in the list, email us at [email protected])
    • Allow or restrict one respondent to reply to your survey multiple times. By default, Merren allows one person to reply to survey only once. You can however enable a person to respond more than once
  • Once the settings are done, move to the questions tab from the menu to the left of the screen
  • Add a new section and give it a name. A survey can have one or more sections. Sections make your surveys more readable and can help with branching
  • You can now click on “Add New Element” to add a new question or a message. The difference between a question and a message is that Merren waits for a response from the survey taker in the case of a question, unlike in the case of a message where no response is expected.
  • You can add the following types of questions:
    • Nominal: Multiple choice questions with single or multiple responses
    • Scale: Scale question with customizable start and end points and step value. Step value allows the survey creator to decide on the acceptable resolution of response. For example, if they want to capture response on a scale of 0 to 10 with a resolution of 0.1 (for example, a response like 8.1 would be an acceptable response), they can define the step value as 0.1
    • Ranking: Rank items on a list. The survey creator can ask the respondent to rank the entire list or rank the top-x (i.e. top-3 or top 5) items
    • Text: Open-ended, text-based responses
    • Numeric: Response as a number only
    • Media: Collect responses in form of audios, voice notes, videos, pictures or pdf
    • PII email: Collect respondent’s email id (Personal Identifiable Information) with consent. You can also send a verification email to their id to ensure that the email is a valid one
    • PII telephone: Collect respondent’s mobile number (Personal Identifiable Information) with consent. You can also send an OTP to their id to ensure that the mobile number is a valid one. If you are using WhatsApp survey, the phone number can be acquired from the platform itself, in which case no further verification is required
    • Date: Collect response in form of a date
  • You can also add the following types of messages:
    • Text message
    • Image, audio or video 
  • After you have created your survey, you can test your survey using the preview link. The preview link will start the survey in WhatsApp or FB Messenger, depending on the link you create. If you find an error (logic, flow, typo etc), you can correct it from the questions tab. No data is collected or analyzed when preview link is used
  • Once you are satisfied with your survey flow and are ready to publish it, go to the Deploy tab to generate a WhatsApp and/ or a Facebook Messenger link. This link can be distributed like any url- through SMS, Email, Social Media, embedded on a website or an ad
  • If you want to push a WhatsApp survey directly to phones of your potential respondents, you can upload their numbers through “WhatsApp Push” tab. This would send the invitation to participate in the survey directly to their WhatsApp