Made for those who matter,
by those who know what matters

Only the right customer insights can feed into the right product development, enabling your business to stand out and above the clutter. But cookie-cutter research techniques are not going to cut it.

Merren is a messaging app-based survey tool that enables you to run fully-automated marketing research surveys using popular messaging. It is built by a team of market researchers with over two decades of experience, that know what it takes to reach experts for authentic feedback.

Reach your customers where they are

Even busy professionals like hairdressers and mechanics, who are not accessible through browser-based surveys, are always using popular messaging apps. We catch them there to respond to our feedback and get meaningful insights. 

Conversational surveys mean better responses

Instead of laborious form-based surveys, those routed through smart messaging apps are quick, easy and interactive, in line with the nature of these platforms. For you, this means higher response rates and completed surveys. 

Reach your customer across markets

Reaching those who are not digitally savvy through a browser interface or even regular research panels can be a massive challenge, slashing your response rates dramatically. Merren reaches them on messaging apps they are familiar with, along with options to send videos and audio notes as well. 

Consistent and ongoing feedback

By setting up professional market research panels of respondents for companies, we enable a cyclical feedback process, that is easy to keep up with. 

When experts give real feedback, you build better products,
that deliver business outcomes.