Customer Loyalty and Retention Survey
For Retail Industry

Use this customer loyalty survey template to understand customer retention and buyer loyalty in the retail industry. This survey aims to explore the duration of product/service usage, factors influencing continued usage, likelihood of recommendations, potential reasons for discontinuation and improvement suggestions.

Customer Loyalty and Retention Survey For Retail Industry

1. How long have you been using products/services from <Your Brand>? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Less than 6 months
○ 6 months to 1 year
○ 1 to 2 years
○ 2 to 5 years
○ More than 5 years
○ Not applicable, I haven’t used <Your Brand>

2. What factors encourage you to continue using products/services from <Your Brand>?  (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Product quality and reliability
□ Excellent customer service
□ Wide range of product/service options
□ Competitive pricing
□ Loyalty rewards or programs
□ None of the above

3. How likely are you to recommend <Your Brand> to others based on your experience? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Very likely
○ Likely
○ Neutral
○ Unlikely
○ Very unlikely

4. Which of the following could potentially make you stop using products/services from <Your Brand>? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Decline in product quality
□ Poor customer service experiences
□ Better options available from competitors
□ Increased prices without added value
□ Change in personal preferences
□ None of the above

5. How frequently do you explore or consider alternatives to products/services offered by <Your Brand>? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Frequently, I actively look for alternatives
○ Occasionally, when I encounter something new
○ Rarely, I’m generally satisfied with <Your Brand>
○ Never, I’m loyal to <Your Brand>

6. What improvements or changes would encourage you to increase your usage or reliance on <Your Brand>? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________

7. What features or aspects of <Your Brand> do you value the most and why?(Open-ended)

Ans: ___________________________________________

8. Have you faced any issues or challenges while using products/services from <Your Brand>? If yes, please describe.(Open-ended)

Ans: ___________________________________________

9. In your opinion, what could <Your Brand> do differently to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction? (Open-ended)

Ans: ___________________________________________

10. Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with <Your Brand>?(Open-ended)

Ans: ___________________________________________