Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Merren built for?

If you are a customer-centric brand, you need quick, in-context and in-the-moment feedback from your customers and sales channels. Merren is ideal for you.

Merren is also useful if your customers do not often reply to online surveys but are available on messaging apps like WhatsApp 24×7. Brands have used Merren to reach several such customer types that include millennials and seniors, busy professionals like hairdressers, salon owners, drivers, mechanics and sales executives.

How does Merren work?

It’s really simple. Merren just uses the power of messaging apps to collect customer feedback.

  • You do not even need to have a business account or a page on any of the platform you want to push your survey out through. For example, you don’t need a WhatsApp number or a Facebook account. Just subscribe and deploy your first survey.
  • You are ready to push your survey out as soon as you subscribe and deploy your first survey. Get set go.
  • Of course, we can always integrate the survey through your account on these platforms as well.
Why does Merren use Whatsapp and Facebook only?

Actually, Merren is designed to be platform agnostic. Our philosophy is to help brands find customer feedback via channels that their customers are already spending time on. As of today, WhatsApp and Facebook/ Instagram Messenger are mediums of conversations that a whole lot of customers are spending considerable time on. Hence, we have chosen these mediums for now.

As we go along, we intend to build on other platforms like RCS, Viber, Telegram etc.If you have a conversational medium where your customers spend time on and would like for us to expand Merren to, please write to us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help.

How do I reach customers who cannot read or write?

Great question. With Merren, you can send out questions and collect responses in audio or video form – so someone can just listen in or see. Using messaging apps like FB Messenger and WhatsApp, they can then share information in audio or video forms themselves. Easy come, easy go.

What makes Merren different?

Let’s just say that Merren is the survey platform of the 2020s. It recognises that customers today spend more time on their mobiles – more specifically on messaging apps – when compared to the time spent on their inbox or their browsers.

Our underlying philosophy is that customer-centric brands must be able to collect customer feedback effortlessly. So if your customer spends more time on messaging apps, that is where you should be collecting their feedback. And that’s what we help you do.

Who can I reach for any queries?

If you have any queries, do reach out to us at [email protected]

Which industries can use Merren?

Well, Merren empowers industries that offer products and services directly to end customers. Think Consumer Packaged Goods, Beauty and Wellness, Consumer Services, Utilities, Banking and Finance and many more.

How do WhatsApp surveys work through Merren?

Merren can distribute WhatsApp surveys in one of the two ways:


  • Your survey can be distributed as a URL
  • It can be distributed through email, SMS, WhatsApp, post or ad on a social media platform
  • When clicked, this will open a WhatsApp chat window (on phone or on computer)


If you have WhatsApp numbers of your customers or your community, you can upload these numbers and the survey is delivered directly to those numbers

  • The FB/IF messenger surveys are distributed as a URL
  • It can be distributed through email, SMS, WhatsApp, post or ad on a social media platform
  • When clicked, this will open a Messenger chat window

Once the survey starts, the questions are pushed one-by-one as a conversation.

What kind of questions can I ask on my survey through Merren?

You can collect information from your consumers in the form of text (and numbers), voice notes, videos, audios, images and PDFs. There’s so much you do once you begin exploring Merren.

Which countries does Merren work in?

Good news is that Merren works in all countries that has significant usage of FB Messenger and/ or WhatsApp. That’s most countries around the world anyway.

What benefits do I get by using Merren?
Merren helps brands like you collect quick, in-context and in-the-moment information from the customers. As Merren surveys are routed through messaging apps, they are accessible to the customer closest to the time and place of the brands interaction with the customer.

Merren also helps brands collect data from customers who otherwise do not participate in surveys. That’s a whole lot of punch packed in one offering, right?