Market Research is Complicated.

Let’s Uncomplicate!

Merren leverages the simplicity and reach of messaging apps like Whatsapp and FB Messenger to deliver a true conversational survey experience.

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Simple. Fast. Efficient



Powerful, yet easy to learn interface to setup your survey for messaging app


Host your survey and simply share through any medium you like


Falling short of your desired sample size. Let Merren help you find responses


Generate quick, real-time insights from your data

Reach your customers where they are

You cannot spell research without reach, can you? Whatsapp reaches 2Billion people globally. FB Messenger reaches 1.3Billion. Even at this scale, both the platforms are showing robust subscriber growth. This is really where the customer of today resides. Merren helps you reach them for your market research.

Through a medium they are comfortable with

An average adult in the US spends 20 minutes on messaging apps. 89% of all internet users in India use messaging apps. This is a medium they are not just familiar with but have acquired expertise on due to their heavy usage. Merren allows you to access this expertise to gather customer feedback.

In a language they understand

FB Messenger and Whatsapp are available in 111 and 60 languages, respectively. With Merren, you can leverage the multi-language capabilities of the messaging apps. But what if your customer cannot read? With Merren, you can always send a recorded question or message they can hear and respond to.

We are glad we met Merren!

Our requirement was to reach to the lower end of the socio-economic class and because Merren runs on WhatsApp it was just the perfect tool for it. It pushes the client to be sharp and yields quality output. Affordable cost coupled with quick turnaround time…this was a show stealer!

Runa Gupta
AGM-CMI at Emami

We enjoyed working with the tool and the team.

Our TG was primarily senior citizens, using Merren helped us reach out to them easily and seek their responses through a simple WhatsApp chat,which might have otherwise not been possible. We enjoyed working with the tool and the team, and look forward for more projects in the future!

Nikita Mahipal
Marketing Manager, RPG Group

Leading FMCG Firm

How Merren helped a leading FMCG firm up its new product pricing

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Seniors Focused Startup

How Merren helped a seniors focused startup test its value-proposition

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