Advertising Effectiveness Survey
For EdTech Industry

Engage with our Advertising Impact Survey for the EdTech industry. Bring customer’s responses on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Use this feedback to continuous improvement.

Advertising Effectiveness Survey For EdTech Industry

1. Have you recently come across advertisements for <Your Brand>? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Yes
○ No

2. Where did you encounter the advertisements for <Your Brand>? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
□ Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
□ YouTube or Online Videos
□ Educational Websites or Forums
□ Other (Please specify)

3. How frequently have you seen or heard about <Your Brand>’s advertising in the past month? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Several times a day
○ Once a day
○ A few times a week
○ Once a week
○ Less than once a week

4. Which aspect of <Your Brand>’s advertising caught your attention the most? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Visual Design/Graphics
□ Compelling Messaging/Copy
□ Testimonials or Success Stories
□ Special Offers or Discounts
□ Other (Please specify): [Open-ended]

5. How likely are you to explore <Your Brand> after seeing its advertisements? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Very likely
○ Likely
○ Neutral
○ Unlikely
○ Very unlikely

6. Do you recall any specific benefits or features highlighted in <Your Brand>’s advertisements? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Accessible Learning Resources
□ Industry-Recognized Instructors
□ Flexible Learning Schedules
□ Interactive Learning Experience
□ Other (Please specify)

7. Which advertising channel do you find most influential in making you consider <Your Brand>? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Social Media
○ Search Engine Ads
○ Video Advertisements
○ Email Campaigns
○ Other (Please specify): [Open-ended]

8. Have you ever engaged with <Your Brand> after seeing its advertisements? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Yes
○ No

9. Which emotions or feelings do you think <Your Brand>’s advertisements evoke in you? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Inspiration/Motivation
□ Curiosity/Interest
□ Trust/Reliability
□ Excitement
□ Other (Please specify)

10. Any additional comments or feedback regarding <Your Brand>’s advertising campaigns? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________________