Brand Positioning Survey For
Beauty And Personal Care Industry

Explore this survey template to assess brand position in the Beauty and Personal Care industry. This survey aims to evaluate purchasing frequency, factors influencing decisions, brand recognition and associations with high-quality brands.

Brand Positioning Survey For Beauty & Personal Care Industry

1. How frequently do you purchase Beauty and Personal Care products?  (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Daily
○ Weekly
○ Monthly
○ Occasionally
○ Rarely

2.When considering Beauty and Personal Care products, which factors influence your purchasing decision? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Price
□ Product Quality
□ Brand Reputation
□ Ingredients
□ Packaging
□ Availability

3. Are you aware of <Your Brand> among other Beauty and Personal Care brands? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Yes
○ No

4. Where would you rank <Your Brand> in terms of quality compared to its competitors? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
○ Much Better
○ Better
○ Same
○ Worse
○ Much Worse

5. Which of the following brands do you associate most with high-quality Beauty and Personal Care products? (MCQ-Single Selection)
□ Brand A
□ Brand B
□ Brand C
□ Brand D
□ <Your Brand>

6. How likely are you to recommend <Your Brand> over its competitors to a friend or family member? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Very Likely
○ Likely
○ Neutral
○ Unlikely
○ Very Unlikely

7. Do you perceive <Your Brand> as being innovative compared to its competitors? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Yes
○ No

8. Which aspect of <Your Brand> sets it apart from its competitors? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ Unique Product Formulation
○ Brand Image/Story
○ Pricing Strategy
○ Range of Products
○ Customer Service

9. What improvements or new features would you like to see from <Your Brand>? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________________

10. In your opinion, what makes a Beauty and Personal Care brand stand out in the market? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________________