Brand Positioning survey
for Consumer Goods industry

Use this survey template to understand brand positioning for your organisation in the consumer
goods industry. This survey will assess the competitive landscape, explore perceptions of strong
competitors, rating product quality and pricing, identifying leaders in brand reputation and evaluating
areas of competitor strengths and market share.

Brand Positioning Survey For Consumer Goods Industry

1. Which of the following brands do you consider as strong competitors to <Your Brand>? (Multiple type)
□ Competitor A
□ Competitor B
□ Competitor C
□ Competitor D
□ Competitor E
□ None of the above

2. What aspects or characteristics do you associate with <Your Brand> compared to its competitors? (Multiple Type)
□ Higher product quality
□ Better pricing
□ Superior customer service
□ Innovative product features
□ Strong brand reputation
□ None of the above

3. How would you rate <Your Brand> concerning product quality compared to its competitors? (Multiple)
○ Much better
○ Somewhat better
○ Similar
○ Somewhat worse
○ Much worse

4. In terms of pricing, how do you perceive <Your Brand> compared to its competitors? (Multiple)
○ More affordable
○ Slightly more affordable
○ Similar
○ Slightly more expensive
○ More expensive

5. Which brand do you perceive as having the strongest brand reputation and trustworthiness among the options you selected as competitors? (Multiple)
○ Competitor A
○ Competitor B
○ Competitor C
○ Competitor D
○ Competitor E
○ None has the strongest brand reputation

6. Which competitor stands out the most in terms of product innovation and unique features? (Multiple)
○ Competitor A
○ Competitor B
○ Competitor C
○ Competitor D
○ Competitor E
○ None stands out in innovation

7. What areas do you believe <Your Brand> surpasses its competitors? (Multiple Type)
□ Marketing and brand visibility
□ Customer loyalty programs
□ Product variety and range
□ After-sales service
□ None of the above

8. What aspects or strengths of <Your Brand>’s competitors concern you the most as a customer? (Multiple Type)
□ Stronger marketing strategies
□ Competitive pricing strategies
□ Better customer engagement efforts
□ Product innovation capabilities
□ None of the above

9. How do you perceive <Your Brand>’s market share compared to its competitors? (Multiple)
○ Leading the market
○ Among the top competitors
○ Average market share
○ Behind other competitors
○ Unsure

10. What could <Your Brand> do to strengthen its position against competitors? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________