Competitive Analysis Survey For
Food And Beverage Industry

Assess the competitive analysis of your brand in the food and beverage industry with this survey template. This survey aims to understand how consumers perceive and compare your brand against the competitors, factors influencing purchase decisions, perceived market leaders and the likelihood of switching to competitors.

Competitive Analysis Survey For Food & Beverage Industry

1. Which food and beverage brands do you consider as direct competitors to <Your Brand>?
 (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Brand A
□ Brand B
□ Brand C
□ Brand D
□ Brand E
□ Other (Please specify)

2.What factors influence your choice when purchasing products from <Your Brand> or its competitors? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Price
□ Product Quality
□ Brand Reputation
□ Variety of Offerings
□ Customer Service

3.In your opinion, what are the key strengths of <Your Brand> compared to its competitors? (Select all options that apply) (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Superior Product Quality
□ Competitive Pricing
□ Strong Brand Image
□ Unique Product Features
□ Exceptional Customer Service

4. Which aspects of your experience with <Your Brand>’s competitors do you find most appealing?(MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Innovative Product Range
□ Effective Marketing Campaigns
□ Responsive Customer Support
□ Competitive Pricing Strategies
□ Convenient Accessibility

5. On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to recommend <Your Brand> over its competitors to others? (1 being very unlikely, 5 being very likely)
 (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ 1
□ 2
□ 3
□ 4
□ 5

6. What specific areas do you feel <Your Brand> needs to improve upon to compete better with its rivals? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Enhancing Product Quality
□ Adjusting Pricing Strategies
□ Strengthening Marketing Efforts
□ Expanding Product Range/Variety
□ Improving Customer Service

7. In what ways do you perceive <Your Brand> to be different from its competitors? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________

8.  Which competitor do you believe has the strongest brand presence or market share in the food and beverage industry? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ Brand A
□ Brand B
□ Brand C
□ Brand D
□ Brand E
□ Other (Please specify)

9. How likely are you to switch from <Your Brand> to one of its competitors in the near future? (MCQ-Single Selection)
□ Very Likely
□ Likely
□ Neutral
□ Unlikely
□ Very Unlikely

10. What other attributes or strengths do you think <Your Brand> should emphasize to surpass its competitors? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________