Customer Loyalty and Retention Survey
For Marketplaces Industry

Utilize this customer retention survey template to determine the satisfaction level of product usage and how to convert new customers into brand advocates in the ecommerce industry. 

Customer Loyalty and Retention Survey For Marketplaces Industry

1. How satisfied are you with the products/services offered by <Your Brand>? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ a. Very satisfied
○ b. Satisfied
○ c. Neutral
○ d. Dissatisfied
○ e. Very dissatisfied

2. Which aspects of <Your Brand>’s products/services do you find most appealing? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ a. Product quality
□ b. Variety of choices
□ c. Pricing
□ d. Customer service/support
□ e. User experience/interface
□ f. Other (Specify)

3.How likely are you to continue using <Your Brand>’s products/services in the future?(MCQ-Single Selection)
○ a. Very likely
○ b. Likely
○ c. Neutral
○ d. Unlikely
○ e. Very unlikely

4. What factors might influence your decision to stop using <Your Brand>’s products/services? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ a. Poor product quality
□ b. Limited choices/options
□ c. Price increases
□ d. Unsatisfactory customer service
□ e. Found better alternatives
□ f. Other (Specify)

5. How often do you explore other options or competitors while using <Your Brand>’s products/services? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ a. Very often
○ b. Often
○ c. Occasionally
○ d. Rarely
○ e. Never

6. Which of the following would make you more likely to stay loyal to <Your Brand>? (MCQ-Multiple Selection)
□ a. Loyalty rewards or membership programs
□ b. Exclusive offers or discounts for returning customers
□ c. Enhanced product/service features
□ d. Improved customer service
□ e. Other (Specify)

7. On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to recommend <Your Brand> to others? (MCQ-Single Selection)
○ 1 – Very unlikely
○ 2 – Unlikely
○ 3 – Neutral
○ 4 – Likely
○ 5 – Very likely

8. What improvements or changes would encourage you to continue using <Your Brand>’s products/services in the long term? (Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________

9. Open-ended question: Is there a specific aspect of <Your Brand>’s offerings that you believe needs improvement to retain customers effectively?(Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________

10. Open-ended question: What could <Your Brand> do differently to enhance customer loyalty and retain its users?(Open-ended)
Ans: ___________________________________________