Use Merren Automation to Analyze Real Time Customer Feedback Data

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    A customer is usually busy. It would not be possible to chase every respondent and actively seek feedback. In a fast paced world, getting respondents to share feedback would require a lot of patience and a well planned strategy. Consumers have a shorter attention span especially when they are scrolling on their phones. So the main question here is- how do you actually collect real time data and analyze it for faster resolution. In this blog, we will see how Merren helps businesses automate the feedback process and collect rich insights, all at a click of a button.

    Why is data analysis important for businesses?

    Data analytics plays a vital role in the success of a business. Businesses can identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations for better performance. Data analytics helps in understanding customer behavior and preferences, leading to better customer retention and acquisition. It also allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of their strategies and make necessary adjustments.

    Understanding where real time data comes from

    Data is everywhere around us- except we must know where we can find them. Here are some of the ways businesses can collect in-moment data and create communication strategies that offer creative solutions and solve customer issues.

    The power of social listening:

    Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are a huge source of customer data. To actually get actionable insights, monitor social interactions on Twitter. Users globally post candid feedback, seek quick resolutions to problems and expect businesses to respond to them in real time. This will help organisations leverage their customer service abilities.

    People are also on your website interacting with your chatbots and customer care live chat. These are some of the best sources to get instant data from active respondents.

    Real time messenger based applications:

    Collect feedback from customers right where they are . This is the power of messenger based applications such as WhatsApp messenger and Facebook messenger. These messenger based apps are very real time in nature and can 10x your response rate if you use these upgraded mediums. Daily, over billions of messages are exchanged on these platforms. So it makes sense to capture candid feedback from your loyal customer base on the platforms they use. Let’s come to terms with the fact that browser based systems can cause respondent churn and low response rates. With a low response rate, there will not be any feasible data to work on. The right time to switch to real time mediums is now.

    Merren makes it possible to capture fast insights and automate it hands-free

    If you are looking to make serious business decisions, then check out how Merren can upgrade your data visualisation process and help you inculcate automation in your feedback capturing process. Your business analytics depend on it.

    Capture live interactions and integrate it with CRM tools

    Merren is an automated, customer satisfaction journey mapping tool that can eliminate the need for marketers to manually deploy feedback surveys. It continually processes and analyzes valuable information from loyal customers as they are fed to the CRM.

    Merren is an omnichannel tool that can utilize a variety of channels such as WhatsAppmessenger, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, RCS, and interactive emails to capture all valuable feedback. By operating in the moment and through the channels of least friction at a touchpoint, response rates and quality of service or product feedback are significantly improved. Customer data, including positive feedback, is collected close to the time of interaction and segregated based on relevant metrics such as a buyer’s pain points or queries from new customers. This enables brands to easily reach out to distressed consumers and close the feedback loop. By automating consumer feedback collection at various touchpoints, Merren provides better insights for businesses.

    Integrating feedback with CRM tools make real time data really potent

    After setting up your real-time data streaming, it’s important to establish standardized procedures for managing the overall customer experience. By integrating feedback with the CRM, you can take action and make the process more efficient. Utilizing the CRM enables you to notify the customer service team about negative feedback from unsatisfied customers or inform the support team about potential opportunities for upselling with satisfied customers. Moreover, any decline in service at a touchpoint such as a dealership or website can trigger an email notification to the appropriate management for investigation and resolution.

    The actual result: collect customer feedback at the earliest

    The ability to respond promptly to customers is highly valued as it makes them feel acknowledged and more likely to become repeat customers. Additionally, a clever customer feedback strategy can generate positive word of mouth and attract potential customers. In today’s market, capturing customers’ attention is crucial, and real-time data tracking can help brands identify individual issues and collect collective reviews to inform their future strategies. By analyzing data in real time, brands can improve their conversion rates, upsell effectively and retain more satisfied customers. Therefore, investing in real-time data analysis is an important step towards achieving business success.


    It is time to do away with traditional methods of collecting customer feedback. Switch to an omnichannel platform like Merren and get high response rate across multiple survey channels. Get actionable feedback with our pre-designed survey templates. Merren focuses on bringing insights in real time and analyzing them as soon as the data lands on the CX dashboard. To understand how Merren can supercharge your data collection process, sign up for our 14 day free trial. Additionally, if you want to create fast customer feedback questionnaires, check out our AI survey builder here.