Deploying Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Surveys

Once you have created and tested your survey, it is time to deploy it. Deploying a survey means creating a mechanism to distribute the survey for it to be answered. Messaging-app-based surveys can be distributed in one of the three following ways:

  1. Creating a URL for distribution [Applicable to both FB Messenger and WhatsApp] 
    Merren lets you create links that would open your survey in Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp of your recipient when clicked. It is a good practice to send a text along with the URL explaining what it is for, taking their consent and informing them of the medium of response (WhatsApp or FB Messenger). Below are what standard (non-white labeled) survey URLs look like

    Survey ID is the unique code that identifies the correct survey (there might be multiple surveys running concurrently on your account) that the recipient of the link is expected to respond to. Collector Type identifies whether the survey link is for Facebook Messenger (fb) or WhatsApp (wp). Link Number is the sequential order in which links have been generated.

    To generate the survey link, go to the Deploy tab (1). Make sure you are on the Link tab (2) and click on Create Link (3)

This will open the Create Link dialog box. You can pick the collector type- WhatsApp or Facebook (4). Also, give your link a Title (5). The titles are useful when you want to generate multiple collectors of the same type. For example, perhaps you want to generate two different WhatsApp survey links- one to embed in an ad and the other to distribute via a WhatsApp group and then compare the results based on where the response came from. Titles are useful for such comparisons

To generate the link, click on create. This will generate a new link. You can copy this link and distribute it your customers. Like any URL, these links can be distributed through any medium- email, SMS, social media, embedded on a website or an ad etc.

2. WhatsApp Push [Not Applicable for FB Messenger]

If you have a subscriber base for which you already have phone numbers and have their consent to contact, you can directly push the surveys to their numbers. To do that, go to Deploy (1) and click on WhatsApp Push tab (2)

Click on the Upload Phone Numbers button (3). This will open a dialog box that you can use to upload the phone numbers.

You can download the sample CSV file (4) with the template of how the numbers should be added download. You can also download the CSV file from the following link

Add the country code and 10-digit mobile numbers of the intended recipients and upload the file (5). When you are ready to push out the survey, upload the file (6). Uploading the file will start the WhatsApp push process immediately (there is no intermediary step, so upload the file only when you are ready to send out the survey)

3. Using the Merren panel [Applicable to both FB Messenger and WhatsApp]

Looking for responses for your survey and not sure where to find them? Mail us at [email protected] with the expected sample size, target audience definitions, and quotas (if any). Merren has a global panel with 35 Million pre-profiled customers to help you find responses to your survey